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What can personal branding do for you?

Personal Branding provides a clear focus for an individuals personal development and career success. Personal branding allows an indvidual to pursue whatever they may be passionate about with predetermined expectations and ease.

WHAT MY Clients Have to say ABOUT ME

Clients come to me when they are ready to capitalize on their professional personas.

Amina has helped evolve my professional development skills. Amina was able to revamp my resume, improve my interview skills, and assist me in my job search. She went beyond my expectations in helping me to secure a fulltime position at a Fortune 500 Company. She has also assisted in developing my on-the- job skills by helping me to receive numerous certifications. Before utilizing her services, I was still searching for a fulltime position while mystudent loan debt was pilling up. My credit was drastically impacted but Amina helped me to get in the appropriate program to accommodate me while I was unemployed. Once I secured a job, she helped me to budget appropriately to rebuild my credit score and decrease the amount of debt I had accrued.

Devine Beathea

Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin

I was overworked, underpaid and treated unfairly. I came to Amina for help. I was literally at my wits’ end. I was ready to quit my job with no prospective job offers lined up. I was really that FED up. Amina advised me not to quit my job, but guaranteed she would help me land that position with a government agency I have been longing to work for. Amina overhauled my resume, gave me tips for my interview and overall changed my outlook for my family and myself. Within a week, I was offered the position I had been dreaming of making the amount I could only hope for. Amina is just that great. She was already booked with clients, but she managed to work me into her schedule and fulfill my needs within a matter of hours.

Tony Borders

Maintenance Engineer, Huntsville Housing Authority

Here’s A Little About Me


Hello There! I am Amina Emenena, a personal brand strategist that has been absolutely enthralled with the science of things and how they work from a young age. At the age of 13, I started my first successful business. My inquisitive nature led me to get a degree in Computer Science and I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering. Now after working in the industry for 6 years, I want to help you be the next individual whose life is transformed.


My most remarkable skill is seeing and making the best out of any situation. In past roles, I was paid to create something new from non existing or shattered situations. At this point in my life, I am more passionate about helping ambitious and goal driven individuals transform their dreams into reality. I have created a culmination of tips and guides to attract the best opportunities for my clients.


Every individual should be able to achieve their dreams. By helping you achieve yours, I get to help you transform your life and touch the lives of the people your success will touch as well. It is my passion helping others step into their transformations and break free from the chains of doubt, insecurity, and fear.




Success strategis for ambitious individuals.

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