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Short Bio

Amina Emenena is a personal branding coach that helps individuals develop their personal brand. Her expertise is geared towards career driven, ambitious, individuals who have struggled with transcending beyond their expectations. As an individual who struggled with establishing her own personal brand, Amina worked diligently and has established a tenacious reputation for herself as a modern day technology leader and STEM advocate for minority children of all ages and demographics

She’s inspired many students and clients by helping them brand themselves by providing classes, challanges and giving presentations on the importance of branding and self empowerment.

Long Bio

Amina is a passionate advocate for promoting the positivity of young students indulging in STEM careers. Amina is a 26-year-old Software Engineer for Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Alabama A&M University, and is currently pursuing the Master of Science in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. She currently serves as the Co-Chair to the National Society of Black Engineers, San Diego Professionals Chapter.

Amina has ample experience navigating through the different arenas the STEM career field provides. She has worked for several major defense contractors and government agencies throughout her career. During her time at Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University, she served as an ambassador to the United States Department of Energy, championing careers with the agency and relative to the STEM field overall. She also served as a representative for her university, traveling to different conferences; where Amina participated in STEM panels within Northern Alabama to promote the importance of diversity and inclusion throughout universities and companies. Before her departure from Alabama A&M University, she facilitated a relationship with Google that created a pipeline of Silicon Valley tech opportunities for students at her HBCU Alumna.

Amina is also an entrepreneur that has began the framework of establishing a company named Resiliency, a brand centered towards bridging the gap between STEM career opportunities and individuals to fill them.

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